a year has gone by....really?!!!

OK so it has been a year since I have updated this blog and I cannot believe it. Time has not been readily available to me this year and so of course all the silly extra fun stuff (like blogging) has taken a backseat. Well it is not that I have a lot of time in this very moment either but I am protesting a lengthy "TO DO" list that really should not be scheduled for a Sunday but alas, last week ran out of days. As did the week before that and the week before that. So I will do my best to give you a run down of the latest and greatest things happening with the Burns' Bunch. I undoubtedly will leave out many things but I vow to do my best this summer to update all our fans. Ha!

This year Luca has had a very full and exciting schedule. She started violin lessons in October and has come a LONG way. In fact she is quite good. I gave up hounding her to practice and voila! She decided that she LIKES to practice only when it does not include moms nagging. She had a recital last week and did amazing. I have video but my technical advances are not including uploading videos from my blackberry. Luca also just wrapped up her second CYT performance. Last night actually was her last show. She was in Pocahontas in the winter and High School Musical most recently. She loves it so much and we enjoy watching her. Of course an activity of this sort does not go without a heavy dose of parent participation. All of you who know me well know I cannot refuse a volunteer opportunity and I managed to be in charge of props (for the second time). I love it! Along with Violin and CYT Luca has also been taking Jazz this year. It is extra special because she and Ryley are in the same class. I of course appreciate that because it is convenient. Luca is finishing up 2nd grade and has done amazing. She loves to read, sing, swim, golf, and constantly expresses her creativity in some sort of creation (art, craft, story or games)

Ryley has also had a pretty busy year. She is currently in the middle of her 2nd soccer season of the year. She loves soccer and she is hysterical to watch. She has such a competitive little fire within her. Hmmm I wonder who she gets that from. She actually got hit in the face with the ball twice in one game and still came back to score 3 goals. It is hard for me to watch a game with out screaming on the sideline (only positive outbursts) but I have strict instruction from my sweet little Ryno to ZIP it! Anything I say or do embarrasses her. HA! Doesn't she know by now that that it is my JOB to embarrass her! Just wait until Rick and I go on her first date with her! Anyway, Ryley loves to dance and has amazing rhythm. She loves her Jazz class and plans to take Hip Hop next year. Ryley has been shining in Kindergarten. She is friends with everyone and is a hard worker. She is reading very well and I predict that Math will particularly be her strong point proving that Rick is her father! Ha! Sometimes looking at her you wouldn't know it because she is my mini me in every way! From the crooked pigtails to her stubbornness it cannot be denied that she comes from me. Ryley just finished up her role as a narrator in her spring performance. She is great on stage and she cannot wait until she can audition for CYT.

This past year I started a running club called H.O.T. Pink. (Housewives of Temecula) We have had an amazing time training together and have completed a few races together. Most recently we went to Santa Barbara for a Half Marathon. Everyone did amazing and beat their PR's. We had two runners complete their first Marathon in May also. I am so proud of everyone. Everyone who joined had never run before and it was fun to show them the sport and watch them each fall in love with it in their own way. Our group is made up of the most AMAZING people and are some of my dearest friends. We have TOO much fun! I love them all. Rick and I are doing great! I love my man more than ever and we are excited to be preparing for our 2nd medical mission to Fiji. Our first trip was last September and it was an experience that changed my life. I loved watching Rick work and help all these amazing people.

Rick is one busy boy. He is working so hard but loving everything he does. He has more energy than I do at the end of the day and I am so grateful for him all all he does for us. Rick's dream is coming true! We have been golfing quite a bit together. Luca, Ryley and I are taking lessons. They are actually really good! He was nearly brought to tears when the girls and I came down the stairs in our Polo shirts and golfing gear for the first time. He loves our yearly family vacation to Hawaii and so do we! This year we went to Kauai and had such a great time. We all went zip lining! Even the girls. They loved it and showed that they are fearless! Rick was a little more nervous but couldn't show it because if his 5 year old was not afraid....:) He is so proud of his family. Lexie and Gabe are living in New Orleans and we hope to see them soon! We miss them so much. Ashley is doing well and is busy finishing up her schooling and taking care of Hayden who will be 2 in July.

OK, I hope this will tide you over for a little while. :) Be back soon!

Lexie's Wedding

I have some serious updates to do on our blog so let us begin with Lexie's wedding. Lexie and Gabe got married on May 31st in Maui at the Grand Wailea Resort. Can I just say "BEAUTIFUL!!" I think a destination wedding is the way to go. Yes not everyone could be there but I think in a way that is better. More intimate and special. Luca and Ryley were the flower girls and Hayden was the ring bearer. It was a long day for our little ones but they were amazing and I was so proud of them. Uncle B had to carry Luca to the reception dinner and after the kids ate the restuant brought in matresses and pillows for them to lay on by the table. I changed them into jammies and used their dresses for blankets. So cute! Rick gave a beautiful toast. He was so nervous and he doesn't get nervous for anything! Lexie was the most beautiful bride and as relaxed as could be. I loved seeing her like that. She did all of the planning and created such a beautiful experience for everyone. We love Gabe! He is just such a great guy and treats Lexie with love and respect and we are thrilled for them both. They are now living in Connecticut where Lexie will be working as a medical research assistant at Yale. So proud of that girl. Here is a slideshow of the wedding pics.

Hippie Day!

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Luca had Hippie day at her school. I went to Ohio to visit my friend Karla for a week and I brought home this shirt, hat and necklace not knowing about hippie day. She looked so super cute! This picture makes me realize how fast she is growing up. Almost a 2nd grader!!

San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation Golf Tournament

This year Rick and I and a group of our close friends volunteered to work with the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation on their annual golf tournament and auction charity event. We did this in honor of our dear friend Vivian Park who is battling a brain tumor. Vivian is a young mom of three beautiful babies 5,4 and 1. She is the most positive God loving person and she inspires us all daily and gives us perspective on life.
The SDBTF is an amazing organization that has helped so many families including my friend Vivian. They pay mortgages, medical bills, medications bills, help with transportation and many many other patient resources. Connie Reeves Campbell is the founder and she is a truly remarkable person. She lost her husband 8 years ago to a brain tumor. She works so hard for all her families and has even paid $ out of her own pocket to help people get the medications that they need. She cares so deeply about everyone and when you are talking to her you instantly feel that. She also is super fun and I cannot wait until our committee after party! Thank you Connie for touching my life and showing me how great it is to give.
Monday, April 20th was the tournament and it was a blast! I will definitely be a part of their event next year. It was such a rewarding experience to give of myself and help others. I am craving the opportunity to do more charity work!

For more information on the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation please visit


First of all this was a very special Easter for me because I feel like I have been born again. I have found Christ and I am walking through this life with him. He is risen!

This year we decided to not have the big Easter party at our house. Instead we went to my families ranch. To give you a brief history, I grew up on that ranch. Most of my childhood memories include time we spent there. I cherish those memories. After all the kids grew up and moved away my parents built another cabin there. A very nice one I might add complete with solar power and everything. My dad was getting very sick after they completed the cabin. In 2003 the ranch burned in the San Diego Cedar Fire. My parents barely escaped. I was pregnant with Ryley at the time and this. After the fire my dad became even more ill and our family went through a very difficult time when he passed away. Due to al this emotion and initial smoke I could not go back to the ranch. I was sad that my girls had not experienced the ranch but I just could not go back and see it all burned. All my memories charred. Then it became about not having enough time to go there. So this year I felt ready and very excited to spend a great family day there. When I saw where my parents home had stood I really felt my dad was there with us. I got a little teary as I looked down at the glass remnants of their sliding door. The huge safe that my dad loved was literally picked up and thrown 30 yds away by the winds of the fire. That safe was soooooo heavy. It still sits where the fire left it. Amidst all this sad scape was the beautiful ranch I remember. Birds were singing and everything was so green and lush. It was full of life again. Born again just as I have been. Luca and Ryley seemed as though they had been there every weekend of their life. Happy to climb a tree or rock and get down and dirty. My sweet little ranch girls! Ryley looked like a spitting image of me when I was a little girl. Cockeyed ponytails and dirt on her face! We had a fabulous Easter lunch and played a great game of family football. Way to stop Brian Amber! We colored eggs, had an Easter egg hunt (with the real Easter bunny :), and had an egg roll down a hill. Growing up we spent many Easters doing all these things and I feel very grateful that we have restored an old tradition. I loved being up there with my dear husband and our children. Rick had spent many times playing paintball with my brothers and my dad at the ranch so it was really special to him as well to return. So I am blessed and so happy that we have this amazing place in our family.